Ganga House
Saraswati House
Kaveri House
Jhelum House
Ganga House (Blue)
The river that is of a heavenly descent; that washes away all sins, is the elixir of the country. Ganga house is denoted by blue colour, which is a universal colour. The cool and calming blue brings peace and conveys importance and significance. It can be both strong and steadfast or light and friendly. It is associated with intelligence, stability, unity and conservation. Following the footsteps of the river Ganga which is the lifeline of country, the Ganga house works towards the welfare of the school as a whole and always keeps service before self. Like The river which decides its own path & gushes and rushes defeating all obstacles in its way to reach the sea, the students of Ganga house make wise decisions and work hard to achieve their goals. The house is the abode of talent, innovation and novelty.It believes in marching ahead which strength and fervour leaving behind all obstacles by overcoming all winderances/challenges that lay in the path of its progress.
Saraswati House (Yellow)
The Saraswati is referred as the river of knowledge. The goddess Saraswati was originally a personification of this river. The Saraswati is also considered to exist in a metaphysical form, in which it formed a confluence with the sacred rivers Ganges and Yamuna at the Triveni Sangam. It is the heavenly river, milky way, which is seen as a road to immortality. The house is denoted by yellow colour which stands for hope and happiness. The colour symbolises purity, wisdom, intellect and love. Looking in to goddess Saraswati the house constantly perseveres towards perfection in action and attainment of knowledge. Building an honest character and spreading the love amongst fellow students.
Kaveri House (Green)
Kaveri signifies as the river of wisdom ( Gyan). Kaveri is considered to be the dakshina Ganga of the Ganga or the south. Kaveri according to mythology who was the beautiful daughter of king Kaverna who was married to Muni Agatsya on the condition that he would never leave her but one day Muni Agatsya went atop a hill to seek alonement engrossed in his thought, he left behind Kaveri, all by herself to take her course as river. It is considered as the holiest river and serves a major lifeline to the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The house takes pride and joy in facing the world with grit and determination. Students of Kaveri house are saviours of purity and harmony and pledge to carry forward the ideas of fair play and team spirit. The house is denoted by green colour which stands for prosperity and growth. Look up and aim high is not the house reckons for.
Jhelum House (Red)
The Jhelum river is a sole important river in the Himalayas mountain range that runs across the Kashmir basin. The river has its Sanskrit roots in the name ‘vitasta’. The river got its name from goddess Parvati assumed the form of a river in the nether world at the request of Sapekashyap to protect and purify the land from the evil deeds of the demons. The house is denoted by red colour which symbolises the vibrancy, exuberance and vitality. Red is the colour of fire, the fire in us that propels us to give our best. Jhelum House patronizes the virtue of determination, dedication and diligence, patrons of this house can be distinguished from the rest of the crowd with innovative and sacramental ideas and their ability to put these ideas into action passion, courage & confidence defines Jhelum house.
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MMPS, Gurugram was established in 1992, is spread over 5 acres and is unique in its architectural excellence. The two blocks, primary and secondary are offset by the sprawling lush green lawns, the spacious classrooms and open environs offer an ambience which is conducive to intellectual pursuits and holistic development. The school, with strength of approximately 800 students, is managed by Maru Mal Education Board.