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Promotion Policy

1. Monday tests will be held in all subjects for all classes according to the schedule given in the Almanac.
    (Attendance in Monday test is compulsory)

       (i) LKG-V Monday Test will comprise of 20 marks. Duration 50 Minutes.

      (ii) VI-XII Monday Test will comprise of 40 marks. Duration 90 Minutes.
     (iii) Notebook submission and subject enrichment activities for respective subjects are included in the internal assessment.
2. Grades (LKG-X) will be awarded in the following areas of learning : Art Education, Health & Physical Education and Discipline
    (will be reflected in the terms only.)
3. Term I Report Card - October
    Term II Report Card - March
4. For all classes, passing marks will be 33% per subject.
5. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year's work, hence the importance of
    regularity in work and performance in the examinations.
6. Promotion will be based on the performance in the best two out of four monday test and half
    yearly and annual exam held during the academic session. The Annual Progress Report
    shall be calculated as
           MT-I (20) + HalfYearly Exam (80) =Term I (100 marks)
           MT-II (20) + Annual Exam (80) =Term II (100 marks)
7. If the student fails to attend any examination due to a valid reason and at the same time
    deserves a genuine pass, the concerned parent is expected to meet the principal a week
    before the declaration of the result.
8. Oncethe result isdeclared, theoffice willnotentertainanysort of discussion in this regard.
9. Result of those students whose dues are not cleared in the office will be withheld.
10. Student should haveminimum90%attendance to be eligible for promotion to the next class.
11. The promotion of students, who are unable to take the Annual Examination, will be based
      on their performance during the year.
12. In all cases of promotion, the Principal's decision is irrevocable.

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