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Student Council List 2018-19
    School Captain  

  Mayank Rawat (XII A)
  Drishti Majhi (XII B)

   School Vice Captain   Aishwarya XI B
    1. Academics Captain
  Palak Soni - XII B
  Gaurav - XI A

    2. Cultural   Captain


  Gunjan Sharma - XII B

  Rajat Kumar- XI C

    3. Sports Captain
  Karan - XII C
  Prince Dubey - XI C
House Captain
Ganga House
  Captain   Sanchit -XII A
  Vice Captain   Sachin - XI A
Jhelum House
  Captain   Shivam Panchal - XII A
  Vice Captain   Aviral - XI C
  Saraswati House
  Captain   Om Pathak - XII A
  Vice Captain Harsh Saini- XI B
Kaveri House
  Captain Shilpa - XII B
  Vice Captain  Hari Om - XI A   


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MMPS, Gurugram was established in 1992, is spread over 5 acres and is unique in its architectural excellence. The two blocks, primary and secondary are offset by the sprawling lush green lawns, the spacious classrooms and open environs offer an ambience which is conducive to intellectual pursuits and holistic development. The school, with strength of approximately 800 students, is managed by Maru Mal Education Board.