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From the Principal’s Desk

The School’s vision goes beyond the achievement of Academic Excellence. It aims at effecting a positive attitude, weaning away the student from narrow self-interests and prejudices and liberating his mind and helps him rise to his full potential. MMPS aims to provide a conducive environment for the inquisitive minds to explore, analyze and synthesize; to learn, unlearn and relearn for the times ahead, compete with none but oneself and against the situation. The students are groomed to be Indian in values but global in competence; aware of their strengths and weaknesses, free from fear, prejudice and apathy, be tech savvy, ready for the enterprise of life...

We strive to produce young minds who wish to engage with the world of knowledge, minds that are hungry for “more”. At the same time, we are committed to developing and enhancing “life skills” - the ability to communicate, to lead, to be a team player, to empathize. And most of all, we are committed to producing citizens with a secular world view, citizens who respect and indeed celebrate differences, and see differences as an unique opportunity to mould a strong nation.

We want our students to become instruments of change in the society and for this, we strive to enrich their minds, open their hearts and dare them to dream.
"Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr. "

MMPS, Gurugram was established in 1992, is spread over 5 acres and is unique in its architectural excellence. The two blocks, primary and secondary are offset by the sprawling lush green lawns, the spacious classrooms and open environs offer an ambience which is conducive to intellectual pursuits and holistic development. The school, with strength of approximately 800 students, is managed by Maru Mal Education Board.